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“Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.” - Willard Marriott
Memory verse: 16 – Confess your trespasses one to another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Chapter: James 5

Overview: In James 5, the author gives warning to a group of people he calls rich and compares them with the non-Christians he refers to in James 2:6. Basically, these individuals were enjoying a prosperous and comfortable lifestyle with no regard to the things of God. He warns that their day of judgment is coming when their dishonest gain will not protect them, but rather attack them. By verse seven, James turns his attention to the believer (brethren). He encourages patience and promotes godly Christian conduct toward others. He closes the chapter by giving instructions to those who may become sick. The initiative lies with the sick person in sending for the elders (officers of the church) to come and pray. The effective, fervent prayer of the righteous (a believer) will make much power available in the face of sickness!

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P52 has a focus. The main drive of this publication is to aid you to become more like Jesus by getting you involved in the process of meeting with Him and His Word on a daily basis. As you commit yourself to spending time in God's Word and in His presence, you will begin to reflect Who He is and become a fully functioning disciple.

Each week you will have a different chapter of the Bible to read. Some chapters are from the Old Testament and some are from the New Testament. You will read a specified chapter every day for seven days. The attention is on the quality of your reading rather than the quantity or the number of chapters you can read in a year's time. We want the Word of God to find its place in your heart so that it molds, matures, and increases your Christ-likeness.