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December 10-16– Thou Shall Call His Name JESUS
“Infinite and yet an infant. Eternal, and yet born of a woman. Supporting a universe, and yet carried in a mother’s arms…” Charles Spurgeon
Memory verse: 21 - And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sins.

Chapter: Matthew 1

Overview: A casual reading of the NT may cause a person to wonder why it begins with something as seemingly dull as a family tree. One might conclude that there is little significance to be drawn from this catalog of names and, thus, skip over it to where the action begins. However, the genealogy is indispensable. It lays the foundation for all that follows. Unless it can be shown that Jesus is a legal descendant of David through the royal line, it is impossible to prove that He is the Messiah-King of Israel. Matthew begins his account where he must—with the documentary evidence that Jesus inherited the legal right to the throne of David through His stepfather, Joseph. This genealogy traces the legal descent of Jesus as King of Israel; the genealogy in Luke’s Gospel traces His lineal descent as Son of David. Matthew’s genealogy follows the royal line from David through his son, Solomon, the next king; Luke’s genealogy follows the blood line from David through another son, Nathan. This genealogy concludes with Joseph, of whom Jesus was the adopted Son; the genealogy in Luke 3 probably traces the ancestry of Mary, of whom Jesus was the real Son. A millennium earlier, God had made an unconditional agreement with David, promising him a kingdom that would last forever and a perpetually ruling line (Ps. 89:4, 36, 37). That covenant is now fulfilled in Christ: He is legal heir to the throne of David through Joseph and the actual seed of David through Mary. Because He lives forever, His kingdom will last forever and He will reign forever as David’s greater Son. Jesus united in His Person the only two bases for claims to the throne of Israel (the legal and the lineal); since He still lives, there can be no other claimant.

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P52 has a focus. The main drive of this publication is to aid you to become more like Jesus by getting you involved in the process of meeting with Him and His Word on a daily basis. As you commit yourself to spending time in God's Word and in His presence, you will begin to reflect Who He is and become a fully functioning disciple.

Each week you will have a different chapter of the Bible to read. Some chapters are from the Old Testament and some are from the New Testament. You will read a specified chapter every day for seven days. The attention is on the quality of your reading rather than the quantity or the number of chapters you can read in a year's time. We want the Word of God to find its place in your heart so that it molds, matures, and increases your Christ-likeness.