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LOVE LIFE, LOVE GOD - By Leonard Woeppel


The culture is constantly telling us to love ourselves. Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. If you are thinking of all the times you had to pat yourself on the back because no one else would; you begin to see what Jesus was saying. We all need affirmation. We all need love. When you have done a good job; it is nice to have somebody else appreciate it. The world does not exist because of you but it would be nice sometimes to hear someone else acknowledge that you do exist. We need to feel needed. We need to feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. So does everyone else.
If you are kind to someone else; you are not showing weakness; you are showing strength. When you forgive someone else for what they have done; you are showing the world that you will not be a prisoner to someone else’s misbehavior. Anger, resentment, and fear are emotions that do not help you to become a better person. They bind you to your past experiences. They shackle (put in chains) your responses. If you are a Christian you realize that people; by their own actions; are their own worst enemy. Get out of the past and live in the present.
The past cannot be changed. Endlessly reliving your past in your thoughts is a waste of time. All of us have done many things we regret and wish we could do-over. Life does not give anyone a do-over.  Jesus gave each of us an opportunity to wipe the slate of our life clean and start over. Jesus came to earth to atone for our sins. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice. When Jesus dies on the cross He blotted out our past and gave each of us an opportunity to live a new and better life.
If you seek after Jesus with all of your heart and strength you will find him. The Good Life promised by Jesus in the Scriptures is still available today. Jesus has a good plan for our lives that will benefit us in ways we cannot comprehend. The future is a blank slate for us to write our lives on. If we will follow the concepts and commandments set down in the Bible; Jesus will reward us. Jesus has prepared a place for his children in eternity. Heaven is a real place and there is a place for you there.
Our lives are built on our choices. If you look in the mirror you will see the origin of those choices. If your life is an endless struggle to find new and better forms of momentary amusement; you are giving your life into the hands of the devil. Your spirit and your life have a hole in it that can only be filled by Jesus. If you let the devil and sin in you are heading to Hell. We need to grab hold of Jesus and never let go. If we stay the course Jesus will find us blameless at the final Judgement.
When Jesus was asked about the greatest commandments His answer was to tell the questioner to Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Likewise, He said we should love our neighbors as ourselves. The 10 commandments simply amplify this response. If we are serious about a relationship with Jesus it is about time we started to do as He commanded!