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Life Is A Desert, By, Leonard Woeppell


The desert is not a place to get lost. The trails are few and often disappear after a wind or rain storm. Permanent sources of water are few and far between. Tanks of accumulated rainwater can run dry unexpectedly during a long hot summer. Food sources are few and far between in the desert. The lack of water changes the environment for all plants and animals brave enough to live or travel through the desert. If you make a mistake you will die from thirst or starve to death.
A desert filled with oasis. Some of the oasis have water. Sometimes the water is good. Sometimes the water is bad. When the water is bad it may make you sick or it may poison you and you will die. Our struggle is to know the difference. Pools of crystal clear water that looks so inviting are actually filled with poison. Trails are few and often vanish due to environmental problems. Trails are often lined with the bones of the unprepared. You need to have a good map to know where and when to go. The desert is a changing environment and you got to know your stuff when you travel through the desert. It is not a place for the foolhardy or the untrained.
Animals are the desert is unique. Many are poisonous. Many have adapted and need very little or no water. Many are active only a night or just before sunrise or just after dark.  Snakes and other reptiles abound. Many animals of the desert are found nowhere else. Many of the plant's horde water and will only bloom after heavy rain.
The culture we live in today is changing rapidly. The values (roads) of 5, 10 or twenty years ago are no longer valid (useful) for a large portion of society. The morals (climate) of today are getting worse by the minute. The maps are becoming outdated faster than we can change them due to poor morals. No one is really sure about anything.
The Christian stands out in modern society. The followers of Jesus has a good map (the Bible) to follow. Based on Scripture we know where the water holes are; and which ones are poisonous (Filled with sin). The trail is clearly marked by the life of Jesus Christ. The Bible is full of stories (wisdom) that give us real-life examples of people who have walked the trail before us. The rest of the world may be foolhardy but Christians are trail wise and have a fund of practical knowledge (older Christians) to rely on.
We are not alone on our journey because the Holy Spirit is within us and will not forsake us in times of trouble. We may be on a trail that is long and difficult; but we know we can make it if we will follow the concepts and commandment that our guidebook; the Bible; provides. This world is not our home and Heaven and eternity call to us. We will persevere. We will triumph. We will win the race as long as we put our trust and faith in Jesus!