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Running Away, Again- By, Leonard Woeppel


Running away from your problems will not solve them. Running away makes our problems bigger than they need to be. Fear is not your friend. All of us carry in our minds the flight or fight mechanism. It is part of us from the time of our birth. When we do not override our flight or fight mechanism; we open ourselves to needless consequences. Some scientists say the flight or fight mechanism in our minds is a survival mechanism hardwired into our bodies. We can learn how to defeat this mechanism. Imagine a world where police ran away from criminals. Imagine a world where firefighters did not risk their lives to save ours. Imagine a war where the soldiers on both sides were afraid to fight.

Courage is learning to stand your ground in the face of situations that imperil your life. Why do some families have long time traditions of serving as police or firefighters?  Military service seems to run in a certain family also. What makes these people different? Scripture tells us to avoid living our lives in fear. Jesus feared for his life but accepted HIS fate with joy because it served a higher purpose. It is clear to see that some people recognize a need that is superior to their personal safety or survival. 

Modern society makes fun of those who serve to protect them. Recent attacks on firefighter and police illustrate the fact that a lot of people are acting out of their own self-interest to the detriment of society. Even doctors are not immune to the attacks from people looking for drugs or money to buy drugs. We need to see the root cause (s) of our problems and find better ways of solving them. Again; running away does not help.

Jesus did not believe in living a life of fear. The Bible contains numerous verses mentioning fear. (Isaiah 43: 1-3, Psalm 23, John 14: 27, Joshua 1: 9, Mathew 6:34, Psalm 27:1, Psalm 56: 3-4) As Christians we know the Bible is the truth. Why then should we live a life filled with fear? The heart of the matter is our unwillingness to live out our faith. Faith is the answer to all of our questions. Faith makes us fearless. Faith gives us the strength to do what is right. If we wear the title of Christian with pride; we need to start acting like it.

Cowards never feel safe. Cowards blame others for their own
misbehavior. Life does not come with a guarantee. Bad things happen to good
people. People who live in fear will never achieve greatness. Look at your life
and ask yourself if you have been afraid too much. Mediocrity is the fate for
those who live their lives in fear. The disciples of Jesus lived with the fear
of persecution all of their lives. They persevered and succeeded because they
had faith in the promises of Jesus. The promises of Jesus are still true today
and should inspire us to live a life without fear. Do not run away from life.
Live life with the knowledge that Jesus is on your side and you will be a
better person and a better Christian. The Good Life that Jesus promised to
those who love Him will never be a reality in your life if you live in FEAR..