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The Hardest Part- By, Leonard Woeppel


Most folks know that the item offered for free really isn’t free. In most cases, a hidden CATCH means you are going to be stuck with something else you really did not want. Everything has a price. It may not be written in bold letters or numbers but the actual cost of so many things is too high when you realize the hidden cost is there as well. A lot of people do not learn this lesson until it is too late and sin has entered into their lives. Scripture tells us that the wages of sin are death. Once you plant the bad seed it is usually too late. The crop is going to grow and will not be stopped by wails of distress.
We tell others who we are by the way we act towards them. Scripture tells us that we should treat others as we wish to be treated. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It sounds so simple but for many, it is the hardest part of their Christian walk. Do you have a neighbor who allows his dog to use your yard as a toilet? Does your neighbor play his music too loud? Does your neighbor keep his yard cleaned up? It doesn’t take much to get most of us on the warpath. It may be that a little help from you on a Saturday could lead to an opportunity to invite your neighbor to church and church could change their life for the better. Helping out a neighbor can turn a neighbor into a friend.
There is a cost to everything we do. As long as we are spending money or time on ourselves we are happy. Scripture tells us that it is more joyous to give than to receive. Are we closing ourselves off from a lot of joy and happiness because we are too stingy with our time and money? If you want to bless yourself; bless others. You will find more peace of mind if you stop worrying about what you have or what you may lose and allow Jesus to multiply your joy by helping those who really need it.
What is the price for your soul? How much time, money, and effort were expended by others to bring you into a relationship with Jesus? What was the cost to save you from Hell? Was the cost worth it? Stop looking for a free ride in life. All of us have to help pull the cart. We have a mission from Jesus that is not completed. Every opportunity we waste is not only a loss for Jesus; it is a win for Satan. We need to understand that the other side of the coin is always there in every decision/action we take.
What you pile up in life is not as important as what you give away. Riches on earth are not as important as the spiritual riches we store up in Heaven by our efforts. It is an odd fact that a rich person on earth is often the most unhappy person you will know while the poor person is often the happiest person you will encounter. The poor person has to depend on Jesus and has developed a closer relationship as a result.
There is a Hidden cost to all the choices we make. The hardest part is to determine the spiritual cost of our actions to ourselves and others. Jesus can discern the intent of our hearts. How will Jesus judge our behavior? Our actions will always speak louder than our words!!