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Throwing It All Away, By Leonard Woeppel


It takes a special person to stay dedicated to their goal. Most of us are not special people. The failure we encounter in this life are; for the most part; caused by our own laziness or selfishness. If we have the FAITH to seek after Jesus; we should have the faith to finish the race and receive our reward. We fall by the wayside because we lack roots. There is no there, there, to our Christian walk. We were excited at first, but life wore us down and there was no one there to help us get back on our feet.
Events do not always work out the way we want. Many young Christians believe they are immune to the vagaries of life because they are disciples of Jesus. WRONG! Good and BAD things happen to everyone. Friends and family members are going to get sick and die. We all get old. Your car may be stolen. Your house may be broken into. YOUR CHILDREN ARE GOING TO DO STUPID THINGS.
We live in a world of sin and despair. The bad things in life will touch all of us. Our faith gives us the tools and understanding to get past the rough spots. JESUS WILL NOT FORSAKE YOU IN THE TOUGH TIMES. The biggest tool we are given is the Bible. The legacy of knowledge in the Bible is unsurpassed. If we can spend time in Bible study; we will find the answers to all of our life problems are there. The challenge we fail is in our reluctance to use the solutions given to us in the Bible. You may be able to recite chapter and verse from the Bible, but you need to put your knowledge to work. Your actions will always speak louder than your words.
The Great Commission is a call to action. The people the church wants to reach are outside the walls of the sanctuary. It will require all of us to play a part if we are to be successful. Jesus did not preach in one spot. He went to people where they were. We need to be open to the opportunity when it presents itself. A friend’s house, a wedding, a funeral, the hillside, or walking along the shore; Jesus was always ready to make the case. We need to be prepared and ready also.
We have been given a great gift. The truth we received from Jesus needs to be shared. We need to share the ‘LIVING WATER”   we are filled with. Our life will grow stale and sour if we do not share the truth of Jesus Christ. Do not throw away the gift (the pearl of great price) you have been given by Jesus. We make our own opportunities in the life we live. If we live a life of service to others; there will be open ears and hearts to hear the message of everlasting life through Jesus.
Now is the time and this is the place. If not now; when? We have the knowledge and tools. Let’s start using them to serve Jesus. If the church is truly the Bride of Christ; let’s start acting like it!